I love editing and view it as the last stage in the writing process. I edit both narrative and non fiction work. Using Adobe Premiere, I edit all of my own films and have worked for a variety of clients including Fine Brothers Entertainment, HealthNut, and Here TV.

What Would My Kid Do?


Work In Progress

The six-episode, half hour comedy is currently airing on Here TV and will soon be available on Hulu.


Work In Progress trailer

Clip from Work in Progress

Clip from Work in Progress

Work in Progress advertisement


Inside the Rainbow

"Inside the Rainbow" is a mini documentary series celebrating members of the queer community who are living out loud with pride and authenticity.


Queer Family Tree

In the mini documentary series, "Queer Family Tree," we get to meet members of the queer community and learn about their unique paths toward self acceptance and love. I direct, shoot and edit each episode.


Tiny Nuts


HereTV advertisements

I wrote and edited these ads intended for use on Facebook and Instagram.